Hartville, Stark County, Ohio, United States > Toronto, Golden Horseshoe, Ontario, Canada

Driving directions from Hartville, Stark County, Ohio, United States

Driving distance: 513 km Driving time: 7 h 30 min
  1. Head southeast on Smyth Court Southeast

  2. Turn left onto Howard Court Southeast

  3. Turn right onto East Maple Street (SR 619)

  4. Continue onto Edison Street Northeast (SR 619)

  5. Turn left onto Ravenna Avenue Northeast (SR 44)

  6. Keep right onto SR 5

  7. Take the ramp towards SR 5: Cortland

  8. Keep right towards SR 5: Elm Road

  9. Go straight onto Elm Road

  10. Turn right to stay on Wilson Sharpsville Road (SR 305)

  11. Take the ramp on the left towards SR 11 North

  12. Merge left onto SR 11

  13. Take exit 94A towards I 90 East: Erie Pennsylvania

  14. Merge left onto I 90

  15. Take exit 56 towards NY 179: Blasdell

  16. Turn right onto Milestrip Road (NY 179)

  17. Continue onto Milestrip Expressway (NY 179)

  18. Enter the traffic circle and take the 1st exit

  19. Exit the traffic circle

  20. Continue straight

  21. Continue onto State Highway 5 (NY 5)

  22. Continue onto Lake Shore Road (NY 5)

  23. Continue onto Hamburg Turnpike (NY 5)

  24. Continue onto Buffalo Skyway (NY 5)

  25. Take the ramp towards I 190 N: Pearl St

  26. Keep right towards I 190 N

  27. Merge left onto Niagara Thruway (I 190)

  28. Take exit 9 towards Peace Bridge

  29. Keep right towards Peace Bridge

  30. Continue onto Baird Drive

  31. Merge left onto Peace Bridge

  32. Merge left onto Queen Elizabeth Way Car Lane 10 (QEW)

  33. Continue slightly left onto Queen Elizabeth Way Toll Lane 6 (QEW)

  34. Keep left onto Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW)

  35. Continue onto Gardiner Expressway (Gardiner)

  36. Keep right onto Gardiner Expressway Collector (Gardiner)

  37. Take the ramp towards Spadina Avenue

  38. Turn left onto Spadina Avenue

  39. Turn right onto Dundas Street West

  40. Turn right onto Elizabeth Street

  41. You have arrived at your destination, on the right

Final destination: Hartville, Stark County, Ohio, United States

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